Friday, November 24, 2017

Coveo password encrption issue

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Today I discuss about an issue which I face during my project.
In my previous post I just described how you can setup Coveo for remote CES. On that post we look into how we can setup CES(Coveo Enterprise Search) in first step. In this step we can setup "Configure a certificate for the admin service" under 8th point.
According to that step we made private key password for CES certificate make same as window credential.
Now come a case due to network policy my window credentials are update time to time but as we overcome the confusion and made private key password same as window credentials now these are not updated while we trying to update these by control pannel->coveo configuration section.
So you always need to update that previous password(previous window credentials) into private key password section. If you want to update admin key password please have a look:
Entering credentials through Sitecore's control panel does not change the actual password on CES side, it just changes what password Coveo for Sitecore will be using when reaching the admin service.
To change the password in the admin service, you have to rerun the CES install package and select "modify" to change the admin service's config.

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