Friday, September 23, 2016

Create saas folder structure for grunt by self destructive bat file

Hi All,

For Creating the standard Fronted folder structure for using saas by using grunt.
For create the folder structure do following steps:
1. At first copy the below text.

md frontend\dist\fonts
md frontend\dist\img
md frontend\dist\js
md frontend\dist\css
md frontend\grunt\configs
md frontend\grunt\tasks
md frontend\src\fonts
md frontend\src\img
md frontend\src\js
md frontend\src\scss
echo grunt watch >> frontend\grunt-start.bat

2. Paste into a .bat extension file. like: Fronteded.bat
3. Run the "Fronteded.bat" where you want to create Frontended folder.
4. This "Fronteded.bat" file auto delete and basic structure created.

You can found sample bat file here

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